SCSK Prescendo provides one stop service to support your e-commerce business.

We support the solution to problem that a customer company faces in stagehands as a business partner.

What is current Issues for e-Commerce?

Companies doing EC business have following issues.

With growth of EC market, various services should be provided to take care of problems and requirements in growth process of EC business.


Issues and needs in business growth process

 1. It is difficult to find system to be good for rapid growing.

 2. It takes time to handle product management of large volume.

 3. It takes time to control stakeholders.

 4. It is difficult to find an appropriate fulfillment partner.

 5. It is not easy to have logistic and inventory status.

 6. It needs enterprise system in EC field.

 7. It is difficult to collaborate with real stores and to make synergy.

 8. It needs to comply to regulations and internal control.

 9. Cost for system maintenance and customer support is getting higher.



Why Choose SCSK Prescendo?

SCSK Prescendo has large scale fulfillment center with photograph studios. We have its own e-Commerce System to provide high quality service to customer.  Should trouble occurs, we can provide quick time resolution and improvements.



What we value

  • SCSK Prescendo values highly in handling products. We will provide high quality fulfillment to the customer.
  • We are flexible for supporting your business growth.



Please contact us if you have any comments and questions about our service.